Joe Brown
Dirty Cash

2022 - present I play bass in 6 piece electro-swing / ska / hip hop band Dirty Cash

I'm playing electric double bass through a multi effects and a bass synth keys.

Bristol CADS

2017 - Present I play bass in Pantos for Bristol CADS - Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Peter Pan & Dick Whittington.

I play 4 string bass with a mini pedal board.

Collette the Dots

2017 - 2023 I played bass in 6 piece soul / live drum and bass band Collette the Dots

I played 6 string bass through a multi effects board setup for subs and wobbles.

Bass Choir

2018 - 2019 I played bass for Bass Choir - a choir that sings with a band playing live drum n bass, garage, dubstep and other bass music.

I played 4 string bass through a multi effects board setup for subs and wobbles.


2017 - 2018 I played bass / synths for electronic pop artist RXC.

I played the synth lines on a misa tri-bass, sub on bass guitar and trigger vocal effects.


2013-2015 I played bass in ESPAI. It was a trip-hop / dubstep band that played festivals and gigs across the UK.

My setup consisted of a misa tri-bass for playing software synth patches and an upright electric double bass for the more natural bass sounds.

Small Street Stomp

2014 had a summer with jazz group Small Street Stomp playing a few pub gigs around Bristol.

I played upright electric double bass in the group.


2012 (and on and off since) I played bass in a pop / electronic covers band called Djumper. We focused on covering songs other bands don't normally play due to being heavily produced.

My setup was mainly bass guitar through a range of pedals to recreate synth bass lines.

Jason and the Pantonaughts

In 2012 I played bass for Bristol University's panto version of Jason and the Argonauts.


2012 (and on and off since) I began to start making chiptune / 8bit music as ediqin, bringing together my enjoyment of music and video games.

I've made quite a few covers as well as writing some original material for friends games. I've also build some instruments focused around chiptune, which can be seen on the Tech Projects page.

Bugsy Malone

In 2012 I directed the music for and played bass for Badock Hall's rendition of Bugsy Malone.

Odd Quartet

2011 I formed a quartet with my friends to give us something to do between the end of the school day and orchestra rehearsals.

We played an odd mixture of instruments - oboe, clarinet, bass clarinet and double bass. We decided to cover whatever film or pop music one of us felt like arranging for the quartet.