Joe Brown
RoboNerd TV Livestream

A whole day of interviews, panels and livestreamed content about Robot Combat.

I ran and hosted the stream with Craig in August 2020.

Bugglebots Webseries

In 2018 I organised and directed a robot combat webseries called Bugglebots.

We filmed a second series in 2019, averaging 10K views per episode across both series.

ESPAI Live Session

In 2014 while in a band called ESPAI I directed and edited a live session of our remix of Lamb's Butterfly Effect. This was a real challenge as it involved playing bass during the take while setting up cameras and directing between takes with limited time at the venue.

The video was based on one audio take in which my friends Phil and Simon filmed as two roaming cameras. This was combined with several angles from 3 action cameras used from multiple takes. This gave the end result of a live session with several interesting angles of the band.

The Disciples Live Session

In 2013 my friend Phil and I filmed my friend Tim's band play an acoustic version of their song 'Held Back'.

We had very limited gear (an SLR and a couple of digital cameras) and time, but focused on getting a variety of close depth-of-field shots along with a wide fixed angle in a very full studio. We filmed multiple takes and then used the video footage only from the decided audio take.

A Man Of Letters

In 2010 I made a documentary with a group of friends on well known graffiti artist, commonly know as EINE . He is famous for his large letter designs, usually painted onto metal shop shutters.

I interviewed EINE and did the camera work. My friend Jack directed and edited the documentary and Will recorded audio.

Kitchen Sink Dramas

In 2009 I created an animation with my friend Tom inspired by Aardman's Creature Comforts. We interviewed kitchen staff and students at our school and animated them as kitchenware.

The animation was shot using a sticker pack of eyes and mouths we'd found, kitchen utensils from our parent's houses and various kitchens and storerooms we had available to us. It was painstakingly captured picture by picture, adjusting or swapping stickers on the character's 'face' to create motion at 12fps.


In 2008, inspired by Aardman's Wallace and Gromit, I made an animation about an inventor, his cat and his struggle with finances.

This was my first solo animation and featured usage of clay/plasticine animated figures with doll's house sets as well as some hand drawn animations with a giant clay hand. It also features counterfeit money - as I thought aged 15 that turning bills into money was a genius idea.