Joe Brown
Gathering Hopemore_vert
Gathering Hopeclose

Voice to LED strip text where people in a community speak their ideas into the basket

I wrote the code for the voice to text aspect and soldered some of the light strips.

Arena Controllermore_vert
Arena Controllerclose

Gareth and I built an arduino based robot combat arena controller - it counts down the fight, playing sounds and controlling the arena siren & lights as well as raising and lowering the pit! Can be seen running the fights in the video link.

IoT Giant Snowglobesmore_vert
Gloucester Giant Snowglobesclose

Internet enabled snowglobes that would blast snow when you scan the QR code. For Gloucester Bright Nights festival.

I fixed up and wired 10 of these globes to connect to the internet and activate their fans.

Motorised Inflatable Kayakmore_vert
Motorised Inflatable Kayakclose

Replacing the skeg (or rudder) of an inflatable kayak with a motor! Great fun.

Internet Drives Roombamore_vert
Internet Drives Roombaclose

Essentially Twitch plays roomba. Remote control roomba through internet streaming.

Later on added a knife and balloons!

13.6kg Combat Robotmore_vert
13.6kg Combat Robotclose

With my friend scott, we built a featherweight version of my crab robot in around a week.

We took it to our first event and got the drive working but no weapon functions in battle yet!

Playable Data for Human Healthmore_vert
Playable Data for Human Healthclose

Technical Manager for Free Ice Cream at Data for Development Festival - running dataset of risk factors to human health as a playable touchscreen interaction. Players can fund research or policy areas and see how it affects the system.

Bristol Bot Buildersmore_vert
Bristol Bot Buildersclose

A website & facebook group for the community of robot wars fans and fighting robot builders in the south west of england.

1.5kg Combat Robotmore_vert
1.5kg Combat Robotclose

After enjoying building smaller 150g fighting robots, I built a larger 1.5kg "beetleweight" version of my crab robot, crabsolutely clawful.

I took this to fight in a large competition in February with moderate success.

The Black Mazemore_vert
The Black Mazeclose

Working the tech for a real life game start up - A bio-activated horror maze project: 1000 beats of your own heart to escape the maze.

My Friend's Chilli Oilmore_vert
My Friend's Chilli Oilclose

A website for my friend James who makes and sells very nice chilli oil.

150g Combat Robotmore_vert
150g Combat Robotclose

A 150 gram "antweight" combat robot used in the antweight version of robot wars. Designed to be robust, run both ways up, have an interesting weapon and look cute.

It was reasonably successful, surviving to the quarter finals of Bristol University Robot Wars 5 and winning "best named bot" only to lose a claw in the battle royal against a brutal spinner bot.


A web app for democratic music choice at parties. Started at Hackathon in 2016 with my friend Johnny.

The host creates a roomcode and plugs their phone/laptop in to the speaker. Everyone else can join via the roomcode on their phone. They can add tracks (from youtube) and upvote/downvote other tracks to change the order of the playlist for the party, hopefully providing better party vibes.

Hedgehog Botmore_vert
Hedgehog Botclose

A low cost internet-of-things robot kit for teenagers to help them learn some basic programming and electronics.

Started in 2015 with my friend Scott, we now deliver a workshop to around 40 people per event, three times a year at Digi Makers and are planning to take it to schools.

8-Bit Bandmore_vert
8-Bit Bandclose

An array midi musical instruments built to play a game boy advance as a chiptune band.

Built in 2014, I had plans for four instruments each playing a channel of the gameboy advance's soundcard. In the end I built two instruments - a touchstrip accelerometer instrument and a arcade machine piano or 'pianocade'.

University Robot Warsmore_vert
Antweight Robot Warsclose

As a kid I was a die hard fan of the robot wars tv show. While trawling the net I discovered Reading University's antweight class of robot wars - ideal for students as the cost barrier to entry is considerably lower.

2014 - While on the student committee for electronic engineering at Bristol University we started a bi-anual event of robot battling which is growing every year. I used to compere and am now building my own bots.

Our second event gained over 50k views on youtube (so far!) and in 2016 we're seeing the return of the TV show after 12 years - perhaps we helped contribute to bringing it back?

Midi Guitar Controllerismmore_vert
Midi Guitar Controllerismclose

As a bassist with a passion for electronic music, I've explored novel ways to for expression of software synths.

Before buying a Misa Tri-Bass I bought a second hand Yamaha EZ-AG midi guitar and modified it with various expression inputs to see what worked well for me to play bass lines in dance music.

Laser Harpmore_vert
Laser Harpclose

In 2014 as part of a 24 hour hackathon myself and four of my mechanical/electronic engineering friends built a laser harp.

We built a box with multiple lasers as harp strings that you put your hand in front of to trigger a note. By the end of the time period we only had 5 lasers working and the smoke machine wasn't sufficient enough for the lasers to be seen well.

The harp outputted MIDI data which we set to trigger samples from 2001: A Space Odeyssey theme song for our demo.